Autumn Beauty Reads!

I love books. My mum told me more than 100 times that when I was little, like at age of 3 or 4, I used to carry a lot of books from my bedroom every morning and demanded her to read them for me. When I was in junior school, I read most of the foreign books (translated into Japanese) in the library. Even now I never go anywhere without a book unless when going to the supermarket near my house.  

I got two books the other day even though I've got many books I haven't read yet but I don't blame myself because whenever I get stressed out I buy books, so I guess I need some time to spend time on myself reading.

1001 Little Beauty Miracles by Esme Floyd

This book was recommended by my favourite beauty blogger Jessica from Jessica Beautician.  She is a beauty therapist herself and has got really convincing opinions toward cosmetics. The cover is different from the one she's got but I made sure it's the same book.

It doesn't have photos or fancy decoration or anything, but it's like a beauty dictionary that you can rely on. It's interesting to read all the tips, I wish the each tip was a bit longer and more detailed though because sometimes I read a tip and am like "Why is it good for my skin? How does it work?" and I have to google it to get the answer. I haven't finished reading this book yet, but it's a good book for those who are new to cosmetics. 

Best in Beauty by Riku Campo

I wanted a book which shows about both skincare and makeup tips. I didn't want an old fashioned one so I went through more than 50 pages on to find an ideal book. Then I finally found this book, which looked pretty interesting.

This book is printed in full colour which is really nice, and very interesting to read. It has many tips and Q&As, I never get bored reading this book.

It's got 300 pages which makes it really thick and heavy, meaning it's impossible to carry it around but it's like a nice treat that I can get when I come back from work. 

I love this type of beauty book and am now interested in Make-up Masterclass and Make-up Secrets by Jemma Kidd (does anyone know the difference between those two books?) because it seems like it's got great makeup tips.

Also I got the beauty issue of Look magazine, FINALLY! Thanks eBay!

Do you have any favourite beauty books? What are you reading this autumn?