Models Own : Freak Out!

Models Own : Freak Out!
I always wanted to try out their glitter nail polish because they looked unique and different from the ones from other brands. Their ones have got the mixture of chunky and small glitter in many different colours and it just looks really nice on nails.

So when I found their stand in Boots, I got 3 colours with the offer "Buy 2 get 1 free" and gave one of them to a friend of mine. The first colour I picked up is Freak Out!, which has got blue and purple glitter in it.

Unfortunately the brush is crap. Can you see that it's bent? I guess the glitter is pretty big and was pushing the brush in the bottle for quite a long time or something, but whatever the reason is this brush makes it so hard to apply the nail polish. Thank god it's glitter one, if it was the normal colour I would not be able to use it at all.

I added this glitter on top of Make Up For Ever Black Tango Nail Polish in Blue Black (Full review HERE) and it gives really beautiful effect like a stained-glass. I'm thinking of getting a black nail polish and add this glitter on top, that would look beautiful as well. In summer, I might pair it with my favourite nail polish from usul airlines in pastel blue!

Do you have nail polish from Models Own? Have you tried their newest colours which smell of fruits?