Pretty Honest / Pretty Honestly Brilliant

Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes
When I discovered that there was a new beauty book coming out back in September, I pre-ordered without hesitation. I am shameless enough to admit that I had no idea who Sali was, but by reading reviews on some bloggers who had a chance to get it before it came out, I assumed it was a great book. 

It's such a thick book (it's got 336 pages!) and I'm still reading page 60 as it's too heavy to carry around that I don't have enough time to sit and read at home, but I can tell you this book is brilliant. 

It covers various topics related to beauty, from skincare to makeup to occasional events such as wedding or pregnancy. It's definitely a book that you "read" using your brain, not a kind that you flip a page and look at pretty pictures and enjoy. It's got loads of information but because she doesn't ramble at all and always gets to the point, it doesn't feel overwhelming. You start seeing her as your girl friend who has an incredible knowledge about beauty. 

She says "It's pointless" to a pointless thing, and "It's useless" to a useless thing. There are some things that I don't agree with her because clearly we have different habits and cultures, but I still enjoy her philosophy and appreciate the fact she is sharing her experiences and knowledge with us.

If you love beauty, I'm sure you will enjoy this book. It doesn't matter how much knowledge you already have, whether you just started loving beauty recently, or you have been a beauty addict for decades, there is something you enjoy in this book. 

One downside is that she doesn't recommend any specific products although she mentions the names of brands. She writes like "I like concealers from ***, *** and ***" but do not mention which particular ones they are.  If she didn't want to recommend any products, she shouldn't have mentioned the brands either in my opinion because it feels pointless. Well, it's just my opinion but I would have enjoyed much more if she could recommend some products too, because I personally want to know her favourites. 

Overall this is such a fun book to read for a beauty junkie like me. It's like a must-have beauty bible. I would love to give this book as a Christmas gift if I had a friend who is into beauty. If you are not sure whether you should buy it or not, check out where you can read a few pages. And now it's 11 pound on instead of the normal retail price which is 22 pound for some reason. (Not fair that it's 4,000yen on though!) so now is the time to purchase if you are interested! :)